Business Facilitator [Extended Address Book]

My mission is to put you in touch with the companies, professionals, or authorities you need for your project.

Allow you to save valuable time by advancing your projects through good professional contacts. My contacts trust me. They know that I am presenting them serious files. I realize due diligence.

Financing and investors

Do you need new financing for your technology or expansion projects?

After studying your investment needs above 5 million USD, I will select the investors whose profile corresponds to your particular situation.

Hotels over US$ 200 million

Are you the owner or do you hold the sales mandate of a hotel in the city center of a major capital, or connected to an airport hub?

I am in touch with a sovereign fund that is potentially acquiring. This fund is not interested in hotel projects under construction, or just launched. It seeks stability, that is to say hotels (Palaces) with an established clientele.

I need a minimum of information to start: Number of rooms, average price per room, room size.

Prime location commercial buildings over US$ 50 million

I have serious buyers.

Prime location office buildings greater than US$ 50 million

It is the same buyers. They seek above all the security and profitability of the investment.

Ethics, rigor, and discretion

Procedure ...

In a few words, you submit to me your written offer via 1000Club mail.

After signing a NCNDA, I will study your project and, if all aspects of your offer meet my criteria, I will submit investors to you. With your written agreement, I will offer them your offer.

We will work together to make your offer successful.

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