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I commit to put you in touch with the companies, professionals, authorities you need for your project [Facilitator]

My value on the market is to enable your company to save valuable time by introducing your project to qualified professionals. My business contacts trust the fact that I do my very best to present them serious files. The first step of my work is to make the due diligence.

Looking for prime location commercial building over USD 50M

I have three very serious buyers who can invest from US$ 50 million up to billions in hotels*****, office buildings, commercial premises.

They are first looking for security, then high yelds returns.

They are not interested in projects (hotels under construction) or just launched with established clientele.
Stability is a must. Hotels***** (Palaces) or Boutique hotels in city centers.

Required information to move further: Number of rooms, average price per room, rooms sizes.

The seller mandate will be asked for each offer.

Financing and investors

Do you need new financing for your technology or expansion projects?

After studying your investment needs above USD 5 million, I will select the investors whose profile corresponds to your particular situation.

Full discretion, ethics, rigor

Procedure ...

Please submit me your written offer in a few words.

After signing a NCNDA, I will study your project and, if all aspects of your offer meet my criteria, I will submit investors to you. With your written approval, I will present them your project.

We will work closely together to make your projet successful.

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