Energy commodities [Facilitator]

Our buyer search for LNG, crude oil and petroleum products.

Looking for sellers of: - Liquefied natural gas (LNG), Liquefied patroleum gas (LPG) - Jet fuel, gasoline, kerosene, petroleum ether, petroleum spirit, and petroleum naphtha. - Butane, propane, disel fuel.

Buyer of LNG (Liquefied natural gas)

Through a high level professional contact in the world of LNG, ex Minister of energy of an oil producing country, we have serious buyers in Asia.

Honesty - Commitment - Confidentiality

We never lie, we respect the given word, we do not steal our partners. We are straddling the confidentiality of information. Sometimes, we may not win or earn less (for example, by sharing commissions) to do more business to preserve our relationship of trust with our partners.

LNG LPG Crude oil Butane Propane Gas Liquified natural gas Liquified petroleum gas 
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